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The Fully Lived Life

The Fully Lived LifeDo you feel yourself sleepwalking through life? Are you soul weary?

Do you long to fully live?

Available in softcover, e-book or video series format, The Fully Lived Life details the emotional and spiritual steps to finding God beyond, and even in, the chaos of real life.  With powerful therapeutic principles combined with biblical truth, you will learn how to:

  • Face the truth of recurring struggles
  • Understand how to break free from all that holds you back
  • Experience healing and breakthroughs
  • Stop sabotaging the rich rewards of true love
  • Begin the journey to the Rescuer’s heart
  • Pursue the full life that’s your Father’s will for you


The Fully Lived Life 12 Session Video Series

This downloadable video series is available in a 12-session format and can be completed either individually, or in a group study.  A free downloadable study guide is provided to assist you in your journey. For a preview of what this series is about, watch this Introductory video.

Before you begin this series, if you haven’t already, I invite you to pick up a copy of the book that this video series is based on (available by clicking on the links below). While you can choose just to watch this video series and do the accompanying questions, you will find that reading along in the book as we do this study together will offer you a deeper level of insight and food for thought.

As you begin this series, I urge you to slow down and hear what the Lord wants to say to you through this study. Don’t rush this process. Go deep. And allow yourself to process and reflect. Journal your thoughts and capture your journey. And if you’re doing this series in a group study, choose to open up and share your story with others. The richness of your experience and your personal growth will depend very much on your decision to engage, reflect and share.

The Fully Lived Life Video SeriesI invite you now to open your heart to the possibility of more. Begin your journey of introspection and freedom. Seek out the life of fullness Jesus promises you. The first 5 segments will lay out the ways we are soul weary and the barriers that prevent us from living a full life. The next 3 sessions will draw you closer to God’s heart for you as you choose to return to the full life He offers. And the last 4 segments describes the life of fullness we are meant to live—a fully lived life.

  • Approximately 15 minutes for each session video file download.
  • Complete with 19 page study guide.
  • Price: $35

Two file qualities to choose from:

12 Video Sessions- TV Quality – Good quality for most TV and screen use


12 Video Sessions- Hi Presentation Quality – Large file sizes for theatre or large screen use.


The Fully Lived Life Study Guide

FullyLivedLife Study Guide

Nineteen (19) page study guide for the purposes of accompanying the video series

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Fully Lived Life

The Fully Lived Life Book

Rescuing Our Souls from All that Holds Us Back

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” – Jesus

 Do you feel yourself sleepwalking through life?  Are you soul weary?  Do you long to fully live? 

So how does one break free from soul depression? Psychologist Dr. Merry C. Lin believes that only biblical truth can wake a sleeping soul to the full life Jesus promised. With her personal experience and powerful therapeutic principles, The Fully Lived Life details the emotional and spiritual steps to finding God beyond, and even in, the chaos of real life. Showing you how to see deeper into your life and relationships, Dr. Merry challenges and encourages you to:

    • Face the truth of recurring struggles
    • Stop sabotaging the rich rewards of true love
    • Begin the journey to the Rescuer’s heart

When you finally slow and take the time to listen to your heart, you will discover the very life you’ve been searching for – a life to the full.

Softcover paperback version


eBook version


Your Story: The Wounding Embrace

Dr. Lin has contributed to Brett Ullman’s book, Your Story: The Wounding Embrace, now available for purchase. Please contact Dr. Lin to purchase a copy of this book. A book about self-injury and other issues affecting many teens, Your Story brings an important message for teens and adults alike who seek to understand and overcome the challenges facing our youth today. Your Story is about:

Your Story: The Wounding Embrace by Brett Ullman

 So, you cut or, maybe you starve yourself. Maybe you’re even into substance abuse. I bet you feel alone. But how is this possible when nearly one in 4 North American teens struggle with self-injury? How can all these people be alone? Today, thousands of young people, under confident and often scared, are seeking release from their personal struggles in ways many adults would prefer not to contemplate and, sadly, ignore. You probably have friends who cut, friends who are bulimic and you know self-injury is a serious problem in teen culture today. Let’s Talk.

Self-injury is taking teen culture by storm and its impact is evident in teen movies, music lyrics and countless music videos.  Brett Ullman examines the current influences of modern culture and the many reasons young people hurt themselves.  He strives to empower struggling individuals to overcome the barriers to positive self-growth.  For more information, visit or to find out more about Brett, go to



Nurturing the Heart of Marriage

Nurturing the Heart of Marriage

By Dr. Merry C. Lin

After the romance and excitement of dating and falling in love, couples are often ill-equipped to handle the realities of marriage. Disillusioned and discouraged, they can sometimes wonder if they have made a mistake. This CD will help prepare couples who are planning to get married – or encourage those couples whose marriages fall short of their dreams – to understand the Biblically-based principles that are vital to a healthy, joyful marriage.

Price: $15 (plus shipping and handling)



Life Proofing Your Kids Series

Buy all four volumes and save $15 (plus shipping and handling)




Healthy Parents, Healthy KidsHealthy Parents, Healthy Kids – Volume 1

By Dr. Merry C. Lin

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same old patterns of responding to your kids, no matter how many times you vow to react differently? Have you read all the books, watched all the shows and learned all that you can about being a good parent, yet when your kid pushes your buttons, you react in all your old ways? Learn why we parent the way we do and the impact it has on our kids, and learn about the power that we have as parents to shape our children into healthy and successful adults. The focus of this CD will be more on YOU rather than your kids. Develop insight about yourself, your attachment style, and how this impacts your relationships with your kids.

Price: $15 (plus shipping and handling)




Parenting with Your Heart Parenting with Your Heart – Volume  2

By Dr. Merry C. Lin

Contrary to popular belief, the way our kids turn out is far more dependent on what’s going on inside their hearts rather than on their outside behaviour. If we don’t understand this truth, our parenting will become too much about managing their behaviour and not enough about connecting with their hearts. Learn how to help your kids develop internal character and resilience by the way you impact and shape their hearts through your bond with them. Understand how your relationship with your kids is the HEART of healthy parenting. And discover how to be a positive influence in your kids’ lives over a lifetime.

Price: $15 (plus shipping and handling)




Parenting by the Rules - Volume 3Parenting by the Rules – Volume 3

By Dr. Merry C. Lin

We all do it – we over-indulge, over-protect or over-control our kids – all in the name of love! Learn about the common pitfalls of parenting and the impact they can have on our kids. Understand the most effective ways of disciplining and setting boundaries with your kids, regardless of their age. Discover how to be confident in your parenting without being authoritarian and how to keep a balanced perspective in your parenting strategies.

Price: $15 (plus shipping and handling)




Rubber Band Kids-Volume 4Rubber Band Kids-Volume 4

By Dr. Merry C. Lin

One of the most important gifts we can give our kids is the resiliency to handle the ups and downs of life with integrity. Regardless of what happens in life, you CAN help your kids bounce back from difficulties by teaching them how to control and influence the way they experience life. Learn how to equip your kids to experience contentment in their lives, regardless of circumstances. Understand how to help them stay rooted in a sense of security and self-competence when things are out of their control. Learn how to give your kids crucial skills that will help them navigate through life with confidence.

Price: $15 (plus shipping and handling)


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