Dr Merry C Lin

To contact Dr. Lin, please use the contact form below.  Please note that your emails and inquiries are very important to her, but because of her busy schedule, replies may take one to two weeks. Thank you in advance for your patience!

To send a question for her “Ask Dr. Lin” blog, please complete the form below. Please give as much detail as you’re comfortable sharing so that she can understand your situation and give you appropriate suggestions and guidance. Your name will not be included in the blog to protect your privacy. Please note that any advice or guidance provided on her website is not intended to take the place of psychotherapy nor should it be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes. Readers of her blog agree to release Dr. Lin from any liability resulting from any advice or guidance given through her website.

Serving Toronto, Ajax, Pickering, and many areas of Ontario.

As Dr. Lin receives many questions from readers, she will only be able to post responses to a select few on her blog. Thank you for your interest!

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