About Dr. Lin

Dr Merry C Lin

Dr. Lin is a registered clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in counselling individuals, couples, and families on a variety of personal issues.  She specializes in helping people overcome depression, anxiety and fear, abuse and trauma, stress, grief, marital and relationship struggles, parenting and family issues, and other life stressors.  Her passion is to help people of all ages discover their full potential as a children of God and to break free from the bondage that prevents them from realizing their purpose and joy in life.   She is also passionate about helping clients develop healthy relationships with God, as well as with their spouse, children, family, friends, and co-workers.  Part of her life’s work is to see families and marriages restored to what God originally intended them to be.

Dr. Lin also has an extensive background in assessment, working with individuals and organizations for selection, career assessments, developmental and coaching purposes, and the selection of leaders and executives.  She has worked with many private and public sector companies, and she brings a wealth of experience in HR management.  Most recently, she has been involved in helping churches select senior staff and pastors, combining her assessment experience, as well as her Biblical understanding of leadership, to help her in this capacity.

A frequent speaker at conferences, retreats, and workshops, Dr. Lin loves to use her personal and professional experiences to speak into the lives of her audience.  She often brings messages of hope and faith that help her listeners understand God’s truth in very practical ways to transform their lives.  Her upbeat, engaging style helps people relate to her, and her messages of grace and truth give her audience a deeper understanding of how God works in their lives to change and grow them.

Dr. Lin is married with two children, and she is an active member of Carruthers Creek Community Church.  When relaxing, she can be found curled up with a good book or spending time with her family.

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