A Time Of Grief and Sorrow

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Grief is a funny thing.

One minute, you’re laughing so hard that you’re snorting, and the next minute, the terrible, yawning emptiness in your heart hits you like a sucker punch to the solar plexus. It takes everything in you just to breathe through the pain.

Grief is jagged. Grief interrupts. Grief takes you on a u-turn. Every single time.

So I’m learning to give myself space and grace. To forgive myself for the unexpected flares of anger and moodiness. To let myself weep when the loss overwhelms. And most of all, to stay in the pocket of grief with courage, even as everything in me wants to run away or numb myself.

Because how else do you find meaning in your grief? Grief is teaching me to cherish each moment with my loved ones. It’s teaching me to count each treasured day as a gift. It’s teaching me to live with gratitude and deliberate joy NOW, rather than waste my days in bitterness or regret, pining away over unfulfilled dreams or unresolved sorrows.

Grief’s dark shadow accentuates the vibrant colours of life and love.

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