On the Meaning of Life, Love and Pink Hair

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I have to confess something: I’m turning 50 in a few weeks. But I’m not going down without a fight. Just sayin’.

No, it’s not a mid-life crisis (although my friends and family may differ in their opinion). Actually, it’s a glorious season in my life. Because I think I have finally grown up. I think I have learned to stop chasing the brass ring, the pursuit of “success” that meant I had finally arrived; that people approved of me; that somehow I was worthy.

Now, I measure much more carefully each moment in my life, and I choose to treasure the good gifts that God has given me. I choose to give priority to the people in my life, the relationships that enrich my life. I think, if I can love them well, would that not be a life well lived? If I can truly represent the love of Jesus to those around me, would that not be a life of success?


Just a few weeks ago, I heard a pastor preach about a soldier in the Bible. I can’t remember the soldier’s name or where the reference is in the Bible, because, frankly, that’s a reality of turning 50. But hey, I’m still going to talk about this story because as a junior senior, I’m allowed to ramble on about what I want to talk about. But I digress. So this soldier was well trained and all set to go out to battle. He was ready to DIE for the king. But when he presented himself to the king, the king sent him out to guard his lentil field. The LENTILS. Because apparently the king loved his lentils.


That got me thinking. How many lentil fields have I bypassed in my pursuit of success, wealth, and the BIG call? Have I lost sight of what is important to God? Even in my desire to do the BIG thing for God, have I forgotten to do the “small” thing that God wants me to do? In my heart, I so want to live full out for Christ. I feel many times that I would DIE for him. But what if he just wants me to guard his precious lentils?

I gotta be honest with you. Being an author and speaker who has been on national TV, it’s hard not to count the numbers. How many books have I sold? How large is the audience I’m speaking to? How many followers do I have on social media? How often have I let the NUMBERS define my success, that somehow I matter more if I reach more people?

Turning 50 is a time of reflection as I’ve likely passed the point where I’ve lived more years than I will live. It’s causing me to think about my life, about my values and what I’m going to invest the rest of my time in doing. Now, I think… if I die in obscurity but have taken good care of God’s lentil fields, then maybe, just maybe, I have lived a life well lived.

So what about you? Have you allowed time to pass you by without stopping to reflect? Are you sleepwalking through life? STOP now, and choose to THINK about your life, before too much time passes you by. Will you watch this video now and think about what God may be stirring in your soul?

 YouTube Preview Image

Oh, and what I said about not going down without a fight? Let’s just say it involves a few things I’ve chosen to do to demarcate my glorious step into my 50s.

pink hair


By the way, the meaning of Soli Deo Gloria? Glory to God alone.

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