Handling Relationship Conflicts

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A very common question I hear from couples is: My spouse and I keep arguing about the same things over and over. How do we break this impasse?

To learn about some principles that work to break this cycle of conflict, take a look at the video clip included in this blog.  Keep in mind that your focus should be on YOUR part of the conflict, because you only have control over your part. By the way, the principles are also relevant to your other relationships, whether with your kids, family members or friends.

While these principles are helpful for relationship conflicts in general, keep in mind that if there is emotional, verbal or physical abuse that is occurring in your relationship on a regular basis, it is critical that you get the help that you need to protect yourself – and perhaps your kids – and to put a stop to this abuse.  Abuse is never okay.  Ask for a referral from your doctor or pastor for a qualified therapist who can help you stop this very toxic pattern in your life.  Or feel free to contact me for further guidance.  God bless you on your journey to relationship health!


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