Dreams to Change the World

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God Rigs Our World

Do you believe God has rigged the world so that fullest life only works when we embrace risk and live by faith? This is good news because all our own attempts to find a safer life, to live by the expectations of others kill our soul.

Safe is not how we were meant to live.

How often do we lose sight of this? As we traverse through all the toils and dangers of adventuring with God, there is so much to bring us joy and delight as we choose to pay attention and notice. I know for myself. I struggled to understand the extravagance of God and instead pictured a life of following him to mean only sacrifice, suffering, and deprivation. Don’t get me wrong—there are no guarantees that we will avoid suffering. God has warned us we will have trouble (John 16:33).

But if I choose instead to focus on the experience of the ride, notice the beauty around me and the simple pleasures he is showing me, if I delight in a life that’s lived in full communion with my Father—then perhaps I will be living a life that is exactly as he’s created me to live.

 The Dangerous and Unpredictable Flow

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a life of adventure with our Father. I refuse to return to my life of drudgery and safety. I choose instead to live a life of journeying on the wild, unpredictable and dangerous rapids of a life lived fully for God.

Even as I choose this life, I am realizing that maybe this river I’m in, this risky, dangerous, powerful, unpredictable raging isn’t the dangers of life but a representation of God’s Spirit—powerful, dangerous, beautiful, implacable, forceful—yet breathtakingly beautiful. Being in the flow of his Spirit is scary and unpredictable—yet deeply adventurous and fulfilling, the way life is meant to be lived. Don’t fight it—go with it. Being in the flow is the point. Being in the flow is the adventure—and along the way, there will be many experiences and encounters.

Lest you think that a life of adventure isn’t for you, that somehow God only has big plans for “important” people, consider the ordinary, common people God has chosen throughout the history of humanity: He picked an unknown teenage girl to bring his Son into the world; He chose a simple fisherman to be the “rock” upon which his Church was built; he chose a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank to teach us about the suffering of his people during the Nazi occupation; he picked a dairy farmer’s son in Billy Graham to bring the gospel to millions of people worldwide. God doesn’t choose only those who are smarter, more gifted or more eloquent than you are. God chooses us regular folks.

But there is a catch: God looks for people who are willing to live on the edge—people who have a deep longing for a life of significant impact. People who believe that he can and will do the impossible through them. People who are willing to be foolish for God, who are desperate to see God move profoundly in this fallen, broken world of ours, who long to see their dreams come to fruition—dreams to change the world. Is this you?

To learn more about how you can change the world, read The Fully Lived Life: Rescuing Our Souls from All that Holds us Back.


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